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Repair ID - 193850

In October 2017 I suffered from some technological difficulties with my computer regularly crashing. As a result my computer was in various states of repair for the whole month.


For a long time my computer has been an essential part of my compositional process. Being without it meant I was confronted with the extent of my dependence on it and my initial sense that I would not be able to compose without it. This was compounded by a frustrating repair process, during which I felt that the specific issues that were affecting my machine were not being identified or dealt with.

Repair ID is a musical ramble exploring my own sense, or indeed lack, of creative purpose and the rather clinical way in which the repair company was dealing with my computer.

All of the musical material stems from my repair identification number (193850). This is first as a horizontal tone-row of the corresponding pitches that, over time, is transformed into a vertical rearrangement of the figure. Eventually, with the return of the original tone row, these two approaches are combined forming the climax of the piece.

Having got my computer back, I am pleased to share this slightly different approach to compositional creation. The single is available to purchase and the sheet music is available as a free download. Despite my initial frustration I am pleased to say that I found the experience refreshing, that it sometimes takes an external push to force some introspection and change of your creative processes.



Repair ID – 193850 was composed and recorded by James McBean in October 2017.

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