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Friday Feelings - #2

Recently I decided to share some of my short sketches. These are works that might never have made it to completion or to public platform. By giving them an outlet I hope I can help those interested in my work to understand my creative process. Some of the ideas may one day become larger works although many of them probably won't.



This sketch is a little late this week. I first came up with this theme whilst I was sitting with my cat as we both watched the rain lashing against the window. I wanted to create something that reflected those dreary grey days where it's much better to be in the warm and dry snuggled on the sofa with your cat.

Originally it was going to be a set of three themes, but as I worked on them the first and last theme felt increasingly weak in comparison to this one. The other two themes did get left behind, but I've included part of the manuscript of what I originally sketched; it has changed a bit since then. This theme comes in at b. 39.

Peppercorn: James McBean, Aug 2017

I really enjoyed working with these ideas and I am looking forward to developing them further. It was a great excuse to get my slightly dusty clarinet out.

#FridayFeelings #Sketch #Music

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