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Hold it Together - Friday Feelings #3

Today's sketch is a rather fun and quirky piece I came up with. I set out to create something with a bit more energy than the last two weeks' sketches and I've created something that is quite a bit different.

Hold it Together

It's fairly rough, but from this I'll be able to orchestrate it properly. Making proofs like this gives me the opportunity to block out where I want a piece to go at conception, rather than get distracted half way through.

One of the challenges of writing fast passed pieces of music like this is to make sure that the listener doesn't get bombarded with too many musical ideas all at the same time. I've certainly been guilty of causing some auditory whiplash in the past. As result, I hope I haven't injured anyone with this.


Recently I decided to share some of my short sketches. These are works that might never have made it to completion or to public platform. By giving them an outlet I hope I can help those interested in my work to understand my creative process. Some of the ideas may one day become larger works although many of them probably won't.

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