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Through the Fog - Friday Feelings #4

Sometimes I make notes of particular experiences in order to recall them and fashion them into a piece. Today's piece was inspired by some notes I made back in December of last year. ​

​ I was traveling by train. It was intensely foggy with visibility less than 30 meters. Because of the fog the train couldn't move that quickly. As we moved through the fog it had this ethereal masking effect on the surrounding landscape, creating various scenes along the way. One of those scenes was that of a man walking his dog. As we passed, he through a ball for his dog into the air. The dog leapt for it but before I could see it caught, the scene became obscured by the fog. Unfortunately, I don't take a picture or indeed have any pictures of trains moving in fog. This is a picture from the Northern most part of Skye where we visited back in 2015. It had been a long hot day, and just as we were returning from our day out, this wispy mist started rising from the bog.

Mist rising from the bog on Skye, Scotland

With this piece I wanted to create a sense of movement, whilst remaining harmonically still. As the piece builds the this lack of harmonic movement results in a build up of tension, creating an almost hypnotic soundscape.


Recently I decided to share some of my short sketches. Friday Feelings is a weekly(ish) blog post where I upload a short piece that I've written on the Friday. These are works that might never make it to completion or to public platform but, by giving them an outlet, I hope I can help those interested in my work to understand my creative process. Please feel free to like or share and comments are greatly appreciated.

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