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Repair ID - 193850

So. It's been a while. My computer broke. I got really frustrated with the repair process. So, I wrote a piece to express the sense of emotional limbo I was feeling at the time. While you listen, feel free to read more about what I've been up to over the last few months. If you've come straight from the Facebook mobile app, the music player may not display. You will need to open this post on your phone's browser.


I have my excuses, the last two and a bit months have been pretty hectic. I've had a great time, traveling up, down and across the country. (Instagram plug) You can follow some of these adventures via my Instagram. However, more preventatively to posting, my computer broke at the beginning of October and I was without access to it for nearly the whole month.

Repair ID 193850

Being without my computer forced an introspection that made me realise just how reliant I was on it as part of my creative process. I also took the opportunity to reflect on what I've made this year and evaluate how best to proceed in the coming weeks and months. Changing my perspectives has lead to me creating some really exciting works that, now that I have got my technology back, I can't wait to share.

The 'Friday Feelings' posts were a great experiment and broke the mental barrier I had with sharing my music. I'd now like to focus on writing pieces together that I fully reflect what I can do. I'm keeping my music free to stream online via my website, but I'm also making it possible to purchase a download for £2.50. On some tracks, like the one above, I'm going to attach the sheet music alongside the download.



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