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Sketches and drafts

Most of these pieces feature in my blog series Friday Feelings.

Soft Touch
Soft Touch

This is a fairly rambling piece. I didn't set out with any clear purpose but rather let it grow organically from a number of ideas. It's unpolished, which gives it an authenticity and a unique character.


Despite its short length its repetitive fragments create a sense of timeless meanderings.


I came up with this theme whilst I was sitting with my cat as we both watched the rain lashing against the window. I wanted to create something that reflected those dreary grey days where it's much better to be in the warm and dry snuggled on the sofa with your cat.

I really enjoyed working with these ideas and I am looking forward to developing them further. It was a great excuse to get my slightly dusty clarinet out.

Hold it together
Hold it Together

Today's sketch is a rather fun and quirky piece I came up with. I set out to create something with a bit more energy than the last two weeks' sketches and I've created something that is quite a bit different.

It's fairly rough, but from this I'll be able to orchestrate it properly. Making proofs like this gives me the opportunity to block out where I want a piece to go at conception, rather than get distracted half way through.


One of the challenges of writing fast passed pieces of music like this is to make sure that the listener doesn't get bombarded with too many musical ideas all at the same time. I've certainly been guilty of causing some auditory whiplash in the past. As result, I hope I haven't injured anyone with this.

Through the Fog
Through the Fog

Sometimes I make notes of particular experiences in order to recall them and fashion them into a piece. Today's piece was inspired by some notes I made back in December of last year. ​

I was traveling by train. It was intensely foggy with visibility less than 30 meters. Because of the fog the train couldn't move that quickly. As we moved through the fog it had this ethereal masking effect on the surrounding landscape, creating various scenes along the way. One of those scenes was that of a man walking his dog. As we passed, he through a ball for his dog into the air. The dog leapt for it but before I could see it caught, the scene became obscured by the fog.

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